Meet Me:

Author, Singer, Preacher, Advocate & Human Rights Activist.                                              and Founder: Intelligent Believers Network.    EVANGELIST AMAKA OFORBUIKE is the founder of INTELLIGENT BELIEVERS NETWORK; a prolific writer, an anointed worshiper; and a teacher of God’s word. A woman sent from God; a unique minister of the gospel with unusual insight into the word of God. Her spirit-filled and anointed teachings continues to propel a dynamic and global ministry.  

About Intelligent Believer’s Network:

Intelligent Believers Network: This is a group dedicated to chasing charlatans out from the pulpit with a sound knowledge of the word of God. My main focus is to lead you back to the Word. Here you’ll find other hungry souls looking for ways to give expression to the burning desires of their heart.

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Welcome to the rescue pavilion of EVANGELIST AMAKA OFORBUIKE- A full time minister of the gospel on a rescue mission to a broken society.

For decades, she has laboured amongst prisoners, orphans, widows and others under the yoke of multiple afflictions with healing messages of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

She has yielded herself as a rescue tool in the hands of the Lord. Her ministry The Intelligent Believers Network (IBN) fulfils one of the greatest need of our time which is ‘Practical Christianity’.

Her approach to the ministry is non denominational, from time to time she looks away from the challenge of lost souls to upbraid fellow ministers and Christians about practices inimical to the image of the church as the last frontier of hope to a society ravaged by the full fury of the agents of the devil.

This is one of many ways she has deployed to ensure the mandate gets to everyone. Like Apostle Paul, Evangelist Amaka Oforbuike has become all things to all men- From music to deliverance crusades and counselling services; She is always ready to break barriers and bring healing through the potent power of the message of the cross.

Thank you for visiting our website; we urge you to explore the features of the broad content of the ‘pavilion’ and find what meets your needs per time. You may also wish to partner with us, be a blessing and join us in the endtime rescue mission and reach us via the contact section.

Additionally for prayers and counselling, You can call us on our direct lines, reach us on Facebook or simply email us.

Shalom to You All!!!